ready for beaches anywhere - one boat in two; two boats in one; four boats in all.





From the design board of Barry Niccolls, Canadian inventor, designer and sailor, comes a fleet of boats never before seen. This fleet is light, modular, convertible, and perfect for rough waters and beaches. With seven different watercraft designs from a ten foot sailing dinghy to the 20ft. Cruising Schooner, Ocean Sailing Bangka, the glass bottom Ocean Wave Theatre, Safepro Diving Platform and Family Houseboat. It’s Read on.


Ordering your boat

It’s easy. Let’s talk. Choose the boat model you wish to buy. Our ordering policy is 50% down with the order. We will receipt you on line or by post. If you have Custom Personal Touches, please ask. Each hull comes with 2 color stripes. The corporate colors are Delft Blue and Nile Green in Boysen Quick Dry, High Glass Enamel. After you order, we will estimate delivery time as close as possible. We endevour to produce your Sloop or Schooner monohulls within 30 days of ordering. The Catamaran Series will understandably take a little longer due to the size and complexity.

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Custom Personal Touches

You may change our Corporate colors in Boysen High Glass Enamel with 2 that you prefer. There is no charge for this custom feature. If you wish the gel coat color of the hull to be different , it will depend on the manufacturers availability of color toners. The charge will depend on the supplier of toners and any shipping charges . We will quote this after the order has been placed. Changes to the SAFEPRO DIVING PLATFORM and THE OCEAN WAVE THEATRE, AND THE FAMILY HOUSEBOAT will require personal consultation with the buyer. LET’S TALK IT OVER.

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Delivery Anywhere

Because of the modular and convertible construction technique employed by Fireislands Ten10 fleet, it is possible to ship the modular sections by truck/ferry within the Philippines or standard 8 ft. container to any container ports anywhere in the world. The fireislandsTen10fleet is adaptable and once delivered can be set up by our team usually within 72 hours at your home port, resort or beach front. The cost of set up will depend on how far the destination is and will be quoted in advance at the time of the order, so there are no surprises.

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Barry Niccolls, inventor, designer and sailor

Meloni, keeps the balance of our accounts

The crew ... getting better every day