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Definitely your best choice on the best kiteboarding spot in the Philippines, from beginners to pro riders, Habagat is offering a great choice of equipment to suit all needs.
We are looking forward to seeing you soon and to enjoy with us the best rides and the longest air time you''ll ever get.

The Habagat Team

Habagat has highly qualified IKO kiteboarding instructors to teach you the kite sport with a maximum efficiency and security, from beginners to advance courses, you will be able to enjoy with us every minute of your training in a great and friendly atmosphere. Habagat has two locations on Bulabog Beach, Habagat Kite Village and Habagat Banana Saging.

The Habagat Courses

Habagat offers excellent kiteboarding tutorials, as all of its instructors are kiteboarding enthusiasts who hold certification from the International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO).
The following are the IKO Standard Training Programs being offered by Habagat:
- Discover Kiteboarding Program for Beginners
- Intermediate Kiteboarder Program
- Independent Kiteboarder Program

Kiteboarding equipment (kite, board, harness) can be rented at Habagat Kite Village.

The Paradise Island

Boracay is a small limestone island off the northern top of Panay. It was discovered by foreign backpackers back in the 80's with it's perfect 5 km white powder sand beach and has since then evolved into one of the most culturally unique islands of the world. We have everything from local tribal culture to 5 star hotels, international shops and restaurants, yet the island style feel is still maintained. Boracay is a truly awesome experience, our only problem is people not wanting to leave.

Bars and Restaurants

After a great day on the water, start your evening with a quiet sunset drink at the Buddha Bar, right in front of the Boracay Steak House. It is a renowned spot for an excellent meal of quality serving imported Australian beef, a choice of European dishes and a good selection of wine. In addition the island has many restaurants of all kinds of culinary delights and a large choice of bars and night spots.

How to get there

International flights go from most worldwide airports to Manila. Once in Manila most people fly from Domestic Airport to Caticlan, Boracay's airport on Panay island. On rare occasions some may choose to travel by boat which takes about 18 hours as opposed to 1 hour by plane. For more information see: Silent Gardens, the Philippines traveler site.

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